October 05, 2011

UPO strikes again

Yes, even when we think the ghosts in our pasts have been completely exorcised and are officially at peace, up rises a particularly troublesome individual that makes you shake your head wondering "what the hell was she thinking???". The UPO is a bit of a famous character in my past blog posts. A former staff member whose manner was extremely unprofessional and whose abuse of the absence policies made it very difficult for the rest of the staff to not be interrogated about sick days, she transferred to a new department (& a promotion, unbelievably) after her second disciplinary action. You only get three and then you're fired so she had a narrow escape.

Anyhow, back on topic, the UPO went on her merry way and I would occasionally run into her in the hallways, eventually getting to the point where I could greet her with genuine cheerfulness instead of a superficial smile and mumbling (while thinking to myself "oh god...it's her again). Over the years I didn't think much about her but lately I'd noticed that I hadn't seen her in quite a few months. Odd but whatever. Then the other day, the story came out...."employee arrested for $12K theft". O.M.G. You know it...the UPO strikes again...this time departing after immediate dismissal and charges of a class C felony on her record. Holy crap! That was a very, very stupid thing to do.

Our transactions are thoroughly audited on several levels, each increasing in seniority until you reach the top of the organization in the purchasing division. There was no possible way she could have gotten away with buying personal items on her business accounts equalling more than $12,000. Hell, I feel like I need to justify ordering a spiral notebook for myself and that's only $3! Really dumb UPO, really dumb.

March 09, 2009

A hero in Bonds undies...

I can't help but giggle from this one. A kangaroo jumps through a house window, wrecking rooms and etc. Man wrestles it down and pulls it from the house.

I can't decide which are my favorite quotes in the article:
1) "At first he thought it was a lunatic ninja..." (this guy has experience with ninjas??)
2) "It leaped through the window, this martial-arts kind of figure. It was very Jackie Chan."
3) "I called him my hero. My hero in Bonds undies."


January 13, 2009


So the CNN digest this morning has a story about the pirates that hijacked the oil supertanker off the coast of Somalia. Apparently after receiving a ranson of $3.5 million, they released the tanker to go ashore in a small boat, only to be fired upon by rival pirates wanting the ransom money. It forced the small boat to attempt a return to the tanker, but resulted in the boat capsizing and five of the pirates drowned. The suriviving pirates returned to the tanker.

I can't explain why but this story just tickles my funny bone...it's like cosmic justice. :) What did those pirates think would happen when returning to shore in a small boat and $3.5 million??